Valencia, the Last Waltz in MotoGP for the Lifenet Healthcare Team

We pioneered a groundbreaking project in 2022, conceived in Valencia by Dr. Bedin and shared with Mariacarlotta Rinaldini Bedin and me after the Grand Prix, to offer a high-level healthcare service to a MotoGP team. This ambitious initiative wasn’t limited to just the Aprilia Racing riders; it extended its reach to all individuals connected with the world of motorcycles, totaling around sixty people, including engineers, mechanics, and technicians. Additionally, we catered to on-site staff, providing them with a 24/7 on-call and remote consulting service every day of the year – a considerable achievement!

The journey proved to be far more intricate than anticipated, grappling with challenges in logistics, distances, and an unfamiliar environment. On a personal level, it posed difficulties, particularly in sustaining relationships with the healthcare facilities I oversaw. Despite the physical distance from my workplace, it turned out to be a pivotal year, generating significant outcomes for the Turin-based CeMeDI and Chiros centers, as well as for the Eyecare Clinic in Milan and Brescia. Gratitude is owed to all those who managed the various operational facets, elevating their professional standards through admirable dedication. To me, this marked the successful culmination of a significant endeavor, even though I had confidence that their support and professionalism would be instrumental in steering a project that traversed the United States, South America, and various parts of Europe, Asia, and Australia.

I extend my gratitude to the team of physiotherapists who joined me on this venture: Fabio Careddu, Daniele Versolatti, Alessio Marocco, and Luca Calandri. They were proactive, professionally prepared, patient even when called upon to handle complicated situations related more to the environmental situation than to the clinical one, but for that very reason even more valuable in the mission we had set for ourselves.

Throughout the year, there were approximately 200 consultations provided, and we always responded within minutes to individuals, and, I say with pride, we always solved their problems. Fortunately, we successfully avoided infections during our travels in Asia and India, where the risk of endemic forms was significant. I assure you, it was no easy feat, but overcoming such challenges is within Lifenet’s capabilities. The most rewarding aspect was that journalists, members from other teams, and even some riders turned to us for advice or support. Being a doctor involves serving everyone, yet being an exceptional doctor for everyone proves to be a formidable task.

“And what’s next?” you might wonder. Initiatives of this nature wield substantial implications at the corporate level, yet both Lifenet Healthcare and Aprilia Racing are already envisioning the upcoming year. We stand prepared, not only for the challenges that lie ahead but also to narrate a new adventure in the realm of MotoGP!


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