Phillip Island Grand Prix – We’ve Landed in Kangaroo Country

Australia welcomes us for the Phillip Island Grand Prix with great excitement, following our excellent results in Indonesia. Our journey to the circuit takes place at night, crossing the “Ponte Sanremo.” Here, Italy’s roots run deep, and we immediately feel at home.

The strong connection to the environment in Australia is evident. Birds fly around our accommodations in the morning, and it’s not uncommon to spot a kangaroo crossing the road. We must be particularly cautious with our headlights, as kangaroos tend to approach moving vehicles if dazzled.

The absence of hotel facilities allowed us all to stay together in some apartments and enjoy a few evenings with the chefs “hidden” among the team members. This provides an excellent opportunity for the team to bond over good food, a glass of wine, and to share moments that, despite being stressful work-wise and far from home, bring us together.

On the subject of being far from home, I’d like to make a brief note. It’s a topic rarely discussed, a silent understanding among us. There’s an underlying sense of solitude that hovers in the air. I can see it in the fact that typically reserved and almost stern individuals seize the moments possible to make a phone call back home. We find ourselves in the company of an environment that defies description with its beauty – the coastal vistas, a profusion of colors, and spaces left to the mercy of nature. One cannot miss the opportunity to visit the koala sanctuary, a unique place dedicated to the survival of these remarkable beings.

Adverse Weather Conditions Prompt Race Schedule Change

The free practice sessions and official qualifiers go well, and the prospects look promising. Unfortunately, our optimism from Indonesia doesn’t translate into a successful outcome. The day is beautiful with spring-like temperatures, raising hopes that we can compete with the inclement weather, prompting a proactive change in the race schedule. The official race was moved to Saturday, with the sprint race rescheduled for Sunday morning. In the end, Zarco emerges as the winner, securing his first career victory.

No Sprint Race, but Italian Triumph in Moto2

On Sunday morning, rain combines with an incredible wind that presents challenges for the riders, especially with the highly influential aerodynamic appendages on these bikes.

I manage to catch the Moto1 and Moto2 races, the latter won by the Italian Toni Arbolino. However, the weather deteriorates, leading to the official cancellation of the Sprint Race. The riders are shivering from the cold. We pack our equipment and leave the circuit with the feeling that we’ve come a long way for nothing. Nonetheless, the safety of the riders and those working in the paddock takes precedence. See you soon, Australia!!!

Continuation of the Lifenet-Aprilia Contest:

MotoGP Visits Brescia

The MotoGP made a stop in Brescia. While preparations were underway for the Phillip Island Grand Prix, one of the official bikes from the Aprilia Racing team remained in Italy, making a special appearance in the Lombard city. It brought together hundreds of fans and enthusiasts of the Noale-based manufacturer. In the magnificent setting of the Crystal Palace, a skyscraper housing one of the Eyecare Clinic’s facilities, visitors had the opportunity to get up close with one of the bikes ridden by Aleix Espargarò. The bike featured a special livery with which the Spanish rider had secured victory at the Silverstone Grand Prix.

This event was organized by Lifenet Healthcare, the healthcare group to which Eyecare Clinic belongs, and which is the Official Medical Partner of Aprilia Racing this year. Accompanying the bike show was a free contest, similar to those held in Parma and Turin. Participants were asked to guess the names of the first five riders in the Australian race, with the chance to win an exclusive visit to Aprilia Racing’s production facilities in Noale.

Who will be the winner? The winner’s identity remains a mystery for now, with the name(s) set to be revealed at the end of the final exhibition, scheduled at one of the other Lifenet group’s facilities. What we can say is that Brescia has set a record, with over 150 entries in just five days, the highest number collected to date. Many enthusiasts traveled to Brescia from various nearby cities, including Mantova, Bergamo, Cremona, Monza, and Milan, to catch a glimpse of our Aleix’s bike.

Thank you to all the participants, and we look forward to seeing you in Aprilia on November 16th!


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