My life in MotoGP – Austin, our third stop!

The departure for Austin is still hooked on thoughts of the last race in Argentina, where Aprilia Racing came close to a great result, missing out on the desired outcome mainly due to problems with the persistent rain on the circuit.

The trip brings several teams together, I meet Fabio Quartararo, who is kind and cheerful, and Pecco Bagnaia; it is curious to see how these individuals, the world champions of the last two years, are the real anti-celebrity, travelling with us, carrying suitcases, and standing in the queue at the car rental.

The MotoGP world is characterised by this type of environment, still simple in some ways, yet matched with extremely sophisticated technology and performances that terrify even the most passionate fans.

I begin to familiarise myself with some of the drivers, we talk about my role in the team and their comments are always on point, attentive when discussing health, the care of physical fitness along with, I stress, the team’s physical fitness, which they totally rely on.

Austin is a fantastic track, where uphills, downhills and sharp turns follow one another. I am very interested in going around the circuit to see how and where the drivers will be engaged on what is probably one of the most physically stressful circuits.

Meanwhile, I prepared some notes for the team, I refer to them as ‘episodes’ in a show about health and lifestyle.

We will start with the impact of jet lag on the physical state and in particular on the sleep-wake cycle. These are about prevention for long journeys and in particular the precautions to be taken on particularly demanding trips, such as the one we have just completed in Argentina.

In the meantime, let’s get ready for an extremely busy schedule and hope for sunshine!!!!


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